A Little Background

What exactly are Rain Chains and how do they work?

Rain chains are simply a decorative, elegant replacement for gutter downspouts. Rain chains originiated in Japan hundreds of years ago and have steadily gained popularity across North America. They guide rainwater down a chain or through a series of connected cups, which make them a beautiful innovative way to manage rainwater runoff.

Rain Chains are attractive and functional.

Rain chains can replace existing downspouts, or they can be incorporated into new builds as a functional piece of the home’s design.  Rain chains can be an excellent gutter downspout replacement.  They’re a great way to add aesthetic interest to a home while maintaining the function of the downspout. Keep in mind, since the rainwater isn’t totally contained, there will be some splashing with rain chains.  But cup style chains can manage more rainwater and splash less than link style chains.

A great solution to awkwardly located downspouts. 

Rain chains provide a wonderful and effective alternative when you have a gutter downspout in a very visible location. They compliment and add architectural interest to a home, instead of an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful home. They’re the perfect option to recommend to clients in a variety of situations. 

Complement the architecture of your client’s home.

Rain chains can be found in a wide variety of designs to suit any architechtural style. Some common materials include copper, aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. You’ll need to consider the architecture of the home, location of the rain chain, and the amount of rainfall expected when deciding on a style. 

Stainless steel is great for homes along the coast because it holds up against harsh rain and salt water. Aluminum and powder-coated aluminum are great because they’re lightweight and cost effective. Copper is stunning on traditional homes and will patina beautifully.

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