50 & 65 Gallon Rain Barrels | Large Capacity 130 to 2825 Gallon Storage Tanks With Pumps and Filters

The average household useses over 650 liters of water in one day. A 1,000 sq. ft. roof area yields approximately 600 gallons of water from one inch of rain!

The City of San Diego Residential Rainwater Harvesting (Rain Barrel) Rebate Pilot Program

Cascata Collection & Storage System

50 or 65 gallon Cascata Rain Barrels combine the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. The Cascata is made of a roto molded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperature and will not chip, crack, or fade.

The rainsaver container with a screen guard and unique easily removable crown planter on the top - double walled for extra strength and durability.

Rain water is naturally pure, naturally soft and free of chlorine and pesticides. Plants and gardens love it!

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Features and Benefits

  • Crown Planter
  • Corrosion Proof Screen Guard
  • Brass Spigot
  • Overflow Valve
  • Connector with shut-off
  • Hook for hanging Garden Hose
  • 6' Garden Hose with Shut-off Nozzle

Please Note: With Cascata and Agua rain barrels, rain water is not suitable for drinking directly out of the spigot. There are trace amounts of lead in brass. (California Proposition 65)


50 Gal. Gray $139
50 Gal. Brown $139
50 Gal. Terracotta $139
65 Gal. Gray $199
65 Gal. Brown $199
65 Gal. Terracotta $199

Delivery is $35.00 for the first barrel and FREE for every barrel after that in
San Diego County and some parts of Riverside! We Offer Free Proposals
Call to Order: Riverside 951.553.0348   North County San Diego 760.734.4888



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